The Home Label | 4 Uses for a Jewellery Box

It's technically summer here in India but in my head, I'm the mood for Spring! Spring time calls for fresh flowers (groundbreaking!), iced lollies, pretty pastels & of course spring cleaning. So when 'The Home Label' decided to send something over from their Spring/Summer line of products, I couldn't resist! Here's quick history lesson about 'The Home Label' :
Renowned interior decorator Sussanne Roshan has a passion for home d├ęcor and is known for her penchant for design. From running her own store to doing up celebrity homes she has gained immense prowess and experience in the field.
The Home Label is personified by her signature look, which emphasizes cozy, warm and inviting interiors that are accessorized well with layers and artifacts.
“Accessible style” through a selective assortment of unique, high quality, design centric products for the home that are supplemented by engaging information on basics of home styling.
The new line looks so fresh and summery with hints of an old-timey, vintage influence. The Great Gatsby jewellery box seemed like the perfect fit for me especially since The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books!

I definitely wasn't disappointed when it arrived home. Tightly packed in polystyrene and plastic wrap, 'The Home Label' really makes sure that nothing is broken in transit, which I was definitely nervous about since the box itself is made primarily out of glass. I absolutely adore the worn out mercury finish on the bottom of the box as well! The most obvious useor a jewellery box is jewellery, of course, but I figured that it could definitely have a variety of uses.

Display perfumes

I bet many of us have assorted mini perfume bottles. I for one have amassed a huge collection of these petite bottles. Even if I've used some of the perfumes up, I don't have the heart to throw away these miniature masterpieces. Your pretty bottles can see the light of day (not in direct sunlight though!) plus they can be organised and kept at an arm's reach. Perfect for when you're in a hurry. They're not too bad to look at either!

{ Dior, Moschino and Givenchy mini perfumes}

Bits and bobs

A hairpin, my house keys, sunglasses, a vintage box (for buttons or other little knick knacks & tchotchkes), are just some of the things I have in here. When you're on the go and have no time fuss over little things or if you keep losing your keys, this is a good place to keep your mess organised instead of it strewn all over your dresser/table.

{ Aldo sunglasses, Forever 21 makeup brushes}

Nail paints

These days I'm definitely gravitating towards lighter colours when it comes to nail paints. The box is perfect to display some of my pastel spring nail paints. I usually store them in old chocolate boxes but I think this is a prettier option and en vogue. Plus it keeps your seasonal nail paints visible and accessible for that quick mani-pedi!

{ Avon, Revlon & O.P.I. nail paints}

Daily skincare/makeup products

Whether it's your night-time serum or your hand cream, midnight skin serum or a cheeky lip butter, it's good to have your go-to products handy on your bedside table.

{ Crabtree & Evelyn Himalayan Blue hand cream, Kiehl's Midnight Recovery serum, Crabtree & Evelyn Lemon lip butter. My mother's Olay double action night cream and night restorative anti-aging cream.}

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[c/o This item was sent to me to review for free but my opinion is honest and uninfluenced. Always!]


  1. Though I'm inclined to say something nice about this post, I'm actually not because you anyway write beautifully; I love how you've styled the box! Couldn't think of a different blogger to do this better. :-) Much love! I wanna get the hexagonal box set one too, they're so pretty, and vintage.

    1. I'm blushing right now. Thanks for your kind words, Ro!

  2. Love the pictures!! Nice write up! I want one of these now :-)

  3. Such thoughtful and refreshing decor ideas :)

    1. Thank you, Raynah. It was great to meet you the other day.


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