New Buys (Week 4)

(Red top with green bows - Rs. 70)

(B&W printed maxi skirt - Rs. 80)

(Vintage French Pleated skirt - Rs. 80)

(Floral pussy bow blouse - Rs. 70)

Now I'm unsure whether people know about Wednesday's market in Mahim, Mumbai because it is THE most under rated thrift market in Mumbai.You're bound to find amazing one of a kind vintage/second hand pieces & if you're a vintage lover like me, you'd definitely want to check this market out. An entire footpath rimmed with hawkers on both sides, their makeshift racks overflowing with cheap (sweatshop?) goods, perhaps a little vintage pleated skirt or an old blouse, something your granny would wear.I'm all for granny chic so who else do I go shopping with but my grandmother! She'd always buy shorts or tank tops whenever she'd go for her Novenas every Wednesday. So last Wednesday, I accompanied her to the market with zero expectations. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise. I found a French made vintage pleated skirt, an ankle length B&W printed skirt, A floral pussy bow blouse & a Christmassy looking red top with green bows. All for a steal at Rs. 300! ($6) I'd advise anyone going here to brush up on their bargaining skills because the vendors do hike their price upto 50% more than the actual cost. Unlike most markets in Mumbai, the prices are way below the unofficial 100 bucks parameter, even with some vendors selling wares starting at a mere Rs. 10 a pop! All I could think was, why haven't I been here before?!

(Trio of spiked earrings - Rs. 125, Spiked ring - Rs. 150, Lamp?/hollow spear? necklace - Rs. 110, Cross earrings - Rs. 25, Blue belt - Rs - 90)

The above is my not so recent haul from Blur Accessories. Their 50% off sale was just what the doctor ordered. Total wallet damage? Rs. 500! not to mention a previous haul where I'd spent another 500 on Blur. Damn you, Blur for making me buy spiky stuff. DAMN YOU!

I also celebrated my 21st Birthday on the 30th of October. Virtual cake anyone?

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Happy Diwali (in advance) everyone! Until then...


  1. OMG! I pass by Mahim so many times and drop in for a Novena now and then but I've never stopped by the markets. I'm a thrifting fan myself and your finds look exceptional!
    And seriously Pearl, you really work vintage finds amazingly :) Definitely stopping by then thanks to you!

    1. Thank you so much, Dayle! The Mahim market is my new favourite thrift joint. Highly recommended!

  2. Happy birthday! The floaty dresses are so pretty, good finds xx



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