Rain Ready

College started Monday & I've been super busy ever since.I apologize for not posting too often.For those who don't know, I'm majoring in English Literature.I've always loved English because its the only subject that makes you think about stuff which you've never realized before.Like when I read a particular book,I'm more aware of the hidden Euphemisms & metaphors within it.We've also got Film as a separate paper in English Lit where we watch a movie every Thursday & critically analyze it.Its a lot of fun especially with our cool teachers who're incredibly interesting to listen to.Okay enough of the yapping & back to what I wanted to say....
Its monsoon season here in India & what a relief it is from the mercury - bursting temperatures of Summer.But along with Monsoon/Rainy season comes its own share of fashion woes.I personally love bright colours because I like to balance it out with the gloomy weather.So today I headed to High Street Phoenix right after college & bought this blue beauty from Lifestyle.

So head to Lifestyle & get your own Ginger peep toed rain friendly flats in any colour you want.Price??? Only 250 bucks!!($5!!)


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