2015 : Free Wallpaper

With a new year comes new possibilities. Yeah I just thought of that and it sounded cleverer in my head but anyway, how's 2015 treating everybody so far? Mine's been beyond excellent. Little joys like going grocery shopping at the local superette, swimming in the ocean or just making new friends at a concert (haven't you seen my Instagram lately? tsk!) just makes me so grateful for everything. I've been incredibly lucky since I moved to New Zealand. I've seen most of the North Island plus an impending trip to Hobbiton this weekend. I hope everyone's having a great January and thanks for sticking around!

As a token of appreciation you can download this image as a desktop wallpaper to remind you that 2015 is the year of possibilities. At least that's what I'd like to think! The link is after the jump!



It's been quiet here on the blog primarily because I was busy MOVING TO NEW ZEALAND. If you've been following my Instagram closely, you'll notice the sudden surge in landscape pictures owing to goddamn beautiful NZ. I'll be studying Business for a year in Auckland. It's been 2 weeks so far & I'm soaking in every minute of every day. It was tough to part with most of my things but I'm glad that I get to start afresh with basically a capsule wardrobe. Don't worry though, I'll be back with some posts & of course a LOT of travel posts.

Welcome to my journey through Middle Earth. :)


Wish(list)ful Thinking : Autumn

I feel the itch to celebrate autumn now that it's October (My favourite / birthday month) but with the weather being anything but autumnal I can keep living vicariously through this wishlist here. Have a gander at it, will you? I predict denim dresses are the new dark floral dresses this fall. Denim is making a comeback and the 90's kid in me cannot be happier.
It's quite apparent that I have a soft spot for whimsical, novelty bags with my Pinterest board "Arm Candy," It's impractical, yes but isn't it too darn cute?
MAC is killing it with the new Rocky Horror Picture Show collaboration (pun unintended) but my mind is set on Lorde's Pure Heroine lipstick. I'm all for plums & dark colours this fall. Quite apparently.
Click here for more wish(list)ful thinking.


Coloured Hair Must Haves

Coloured hair can be a hassle most of the time. Direct sunlight, swimming pools, sulfate shampoos are not your best friends when you have to maintain coloured hair. Back to the process of colouring, my friend, who's familiar with the process, did it for me. I'll spare you the fuzzy pictures but I got 2 bleachings done consecutively. I don't really know the specifications but if you're new to this (like me) I'd suggest to get a professional or an experienced friend to bleach and colour your hair. After an hour or so, she coloured my hair with Manic Panic's Ultra Violet, that I bought off Amazon. That was the easy part. Maintaining coloured hair is a constant struggle for anyone. I noticed my hair colour dissipating eventually and after recolouring numerous times, I've learnt the hard way that coloured hair is difficult! So I bought products that were literally my hair saviours.

Holy smokes, this conditioner saved my dry hair from being doomed forever & I'm not even exaggerating. Firstly it smells just like bananas and honey with a hint of coconut. I'm not the biggest fan of coconut scented products but this is a sole exception. I think I might just grab the shampoo as well.

1 Banana + 1 tsp honey + 1 tsp almond oil
I decided to make my own hair mask based on this conditioner and would you believe it? It works. I mixed in all the ingredients and applied it to the roots and along the length of my hair. An hour later, I washed my hair with water and I was left with amazingly soft hair.